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Henry Lau Trying to Make Dalgona Coffee Is Hilarious.

Dalgona Coffee is everyone's favorite trend at the moment and many of your favorite celebs have tried their hand at it, but none are quite so adorably frustrated by the experience as Henry Lau.

It takes him much longer than, "just a couple of mins. Two minutes, tops."

Henry also mentions that he spent a long time cleaning his kitchen before recording, only to create a mess much larger than it was before. Perhaps, someone should tell him duct tape shouldn't be a necessary component of the recipe.

You can watch Gabie Kook's video with the Korean Englishman, that Henry mentions, here.

Although Josh was also quite frustrated by the experience, his wife Gabie helped him out by premixing the ingredients for him.

Sung Min of SuperJunior fame showed off his success on his Instagram...

As did "Fight My Way," and "Descendants of the Sun" actress, Kim Ji Won; who told about her experience in her VLIVE and shared a "proof" picture on her Instagram.

Astro's Cha EunWoo switched it up and made Chocolate Dalgona...

Kang Daniel's "Dalgona on Weekends, with Daniel" VLIVE, earned him over 200,000 views and almost 55 million likes.

The Dalgona craze started in South Korea and has spread rapidly around the world, with people spending their quarantine time, trying it out by hand. The name, Dalgona, doesn't actually come from coffee at all, but from the Korean candy that is made from Sugar and baking soda. The sugar is melted in a pan and when it starts to brown the baking soda is mixed in, making the candy puff up. It's one of the flavors of a South Korean childhood. (Check out GOT7 make the candy and answer fan questions)

We wanted to get into the act as well but weren't quite so willing to beat the mixture 400 times. Like Henry, we opted for the hand mixer instead. In literal minutes we had in our hands on a super frothy and delicious Dalgona Latte.

To make your own Dalgona Coffee, use equal parts Sugar, Instant Coffee, and Water. For ours, we used decaf coffee and substituted Monkfruit Sweetener for sugar and it still worked! Let us know if you tried it yourself and share a picture in the Members Forum

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