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Happy White (Valentine’s) Day - March 14

Asia has more than one special 14th day celebration. Valentine’s Day on February 14 is familiar to most as a day to express your love to someone. In North America it’s common for guys to buy flowers and chocolates to express their love. However in Asia. Valentine’s Day is for girls. That‘s right girls are the ones who give chocolate (often ones they have made) and small gifts to the guys that they like. The trend lately has been to give expensive or fancy chocolates to the one they love and less expensive ones to coworkers, classmates or brothers. For some guys this may mean they need an extra bag to bing the carefully wrapped packages home.

So what about gifts for the girls, well that is what March 14th is with White Day. The theme shifts from red decorations to white and the gift given is usually candy and some token of love. The original item was marshmallows which is why it got called White Valentine’s and now just White Day. While it has moved away from the humble marshmallow to lollipops (or lollipop bouquets) and molded candy there is a suggestion that guys should give at least twice the value of gift they received on Valentine’s Day (this is a win for businesses). Like with Valentine’s there are many store promotions to encourage buyers

It’s not uncommon for stars to post special White Day photos, messages or even dance routines targeted to their female fans.

This year ONEUS members did a dance cover of Baekhyun’s Candy

The group Boyfriend also once shared a special song for White Day (here it’s featured in a fan made MV)

which they hoped would express the feeling of White Day.

Who would you like to spend White Day with?

If you are unsure which Kpop Star you want to spend the day with maybe try an online quiz (scroll on the photo to get to the quiz)

What if you don’t have that special someone?

Well then April 14th is your day. Check out our article on Black Day.

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