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Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Find Me In Your Memory (NOW AIRING) Starring Kim Dong Wook & Moon Ga Young!

Just a few episodes in and I am sold! Easily one of my favorite currently airing shows, Find Me In Your Memory, has a cast with great chemistry. Kim Dong Wook, is believable as the anchorman tortured with a more than photographic memory. And Moon Ga Young plays the role of up and coming starlet, with a perfect combination of strength and vulnerability.

It seems that there is an abundance of k-dramas with a focus on memory at the moment. So what makes Find Me In Your Memory stand out?

There is a loveliness about the show that comes with a cast and crew working together for that goal. It's pacing is perfect - thank you, editors. The music fits so well, it elicits all the right emotions without pulling attention from the story itself.

Find Me In Your Memory - MBC 2020

Each episode is well balanced with mystery, humor, and romance; flitting back and forth between them with ease. It asks a "would you rather" question that might be fun to bring out with your friends. Would you rather, never be able to remember your past or never be able to forget?


"Find Me in Your Memory" is the love story of Lee Jung-Hoon (Kim Dong-Wook) and Yeo Ha-Jin (Mun Ka-Young).

Lee Jung-Hoon is a respected anchorman with a secret; he has hyperthymesia, a condition that causes him to remember almost every moment of his life.

Meanwhile, Yeo Ha-Jin is an A-lister with a hit movie and a secret of her own. Due to a trauma (closely connected to Lee Jung-Hoon) she has selective amnesia; a condition she also keeps hidden from the general public. Because of this, those close to her do their best to protect her from the dark past she has unconsciously forgotten. She finds herself drawn to Lee Jung-Hoon but his presence in her life threatens to upset the carefree existence she currently enjoys.

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