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Gwiyomi 귀요미

Gwiyomi (kiyomi) means cute.

"Aegyo" from stars, is often asked for by fans or interviewing hosts. One way to show it is through a “cute” song.

G-dragon (Kim Ji Yong) from Big Bang, on Idol Room, is the first to show us how to pronounce our word gwiyomi.

G-dragon was happy to see his bandmate Taeyang (Dong Youngbae) have to do it (even if it was cringey) the next time he was on Idol Room

Below, Lee Hong Gi teaches our word to Japanese actress Mina on the We Got Married Global Edition.

Need a bit more practice with our word of the week? Check out this compilation...

Is the gwiyomi (kiyomi) chant stuck in your head now? If you've watched all or even one of our examples, it should be stuck in your head all day. It is mine!

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