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Give Love with AKMU with Lee Chan Hyuk and Lee Su Hyun

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Akdong Musician (악동뮤지션), now known as AKMU (to show their growth as a group), is a brother and sister group consisting of: Chanhyuk and Suhyun.

Lee Chan-hyuk and Lee Su-hyun lived with their missionary parents in Mongolia for almost five years before returning to South Korea to pursue a career in the music industry. While in Mongolia, they were home-schooled by their mother as they had no money for school (or even food at times) which they talked about for the first time on Healing Camp.

In 2012 when Chan hyuk was 15 and his sister 13 they went back to Korea by themselves and auditioned for SBS Kpop Star 2 where, after 5 months of competition, they came out as winners and signed with YG Entertainment. They chose YG as they provided them the opportunity to develop their own content and keep their style.

Chan hyuk writes the songs for the group so when he enlisted, at 21, for his mandatory military service it temporarily halted all AKMU recording activities until his return. In midst of his service, it was revealed the Korean Marines officially chose Chan hyuk's self-written song, "Marine Triumph" (해병승전가), to represent the Corps. After he finished his service, May 29, 2019, he expressed his surprise that his sister hadn’t released a solo album while he was gone, as he left her songs to do. She explained that those were his and if she did a solo she would want them to be her songs.

This sibling duo continues to be popular with the public. The main song How Can I Love The Heartbreak from their latest album Sailing, was number one in Korea for the month of October. Su Hyun feels her brother has matured now that he was in the marines and that their style has also matured. Chan-hyuk also released a novel "Fish Meets Water"(물 만난) which portrays his perspective on life's values and art at the same time as their third album release. The novel went on to becoming the number one best selling novel in all South Korean bookstores nationwide. This talented duo is looking forward to showing their new mature selves to audiences once they can resume their tour.

Our feature song Give Love is from their first album. They liked that for the MV they got to wear school uniforms for the first time.

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