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Fifth of May is Children’s Day. Let’s Play the Guess Who Game.

Today is children’s day in Korea and stars have been putting up childhood pictures.

And it’s fun to see how much or how little they changed. See how you do in recognizing the kdrama star. Take a guess before scrolling down.

We will start with an easy one.

1. Who is the boy on the left?

Did you guess the actor from Suits, Juror 8, Hwarang, and Strong Woman?

It’s Park HyungSuk

2. This one is easy as well

The star of W: Two Worlds, Pinocchio, I Hear Your Voice, ... hasn’t changed much.

It’s Lee Jong Suk

3. This is a bit more of a challenge, though he was featured on our song of the day recently

In Big he changed over night. In Goblin he didn’t age. Did you guess Gong Yoo?

4. She has been acting for many years but can you recognize her from her picture?

Star of many dramas like Full House and recently Encounter.

It’s Song Hye Kyo

5. Our next actor and actress have been acting and handling the press from a young age. They got close after meeting each other on set for various productions.

Our actor is Yeo Jin Goo, who won his first acting award at nine. He recently starred in Hotel del Luna, Crowned Clown, and My Absolute Boyfriend all within a few months of each other.

Our actress Kim Yoo-Jung started acting at four and by ten had appeared in 28 productions. She is recognizable from Moonlight Drawn By Clouds and Clean With Passion. Soon her drama with Ji Chang Wook will air.

6. Our next entry is an actress and singer who recently starred with Yeo Jin Goo

Did you guess Lee Ji-eun who professionally is known as IU?

7. Our next actor recently released an album in Japan.

The Love in the Moonlight and Encounter actor, Park BoGum, still looks good in red.

8. Let’s give you a bit of a challenge. How about this singer who has been doing a lot more acting and variety programs lately.

He played the brother to BoGum’s character in Encounter and has recently done two shows with childhood friend Song Min. It’s Block B’s P.O., Pyo Jihoon.

9. Our next photo is of the girl group Miss A, but has been acting in quite a few dramas lately.

Did you recognize the star of While You Were Sleeping and Vagabond - Suzy aka Bae Su-Ji

10. This popular singer did some acting before he got too busy performing with his group

Did you pick out our Hwarang dongsaeng Kim TaeYoung, better known to BTS Army by the initial V

11. Our next photo may challenge you

Did you realize it’s Song JongKi, who received world wide recognition for his role in Descendants of the Sun?

12. This actress has had a lot of memorable roles in recent years.

Can you guess who it is?

Whether an indispensable secretary, a queen for seven days, a gallery director who secretly likes a kpop star, or a hot shot reporter Park Min Young has left memorable performances in her dramas

13. Our next star has always liked to accessorize and is known to try many styles.

Did you guess Kwon Ji-Yong or maybe his stage name G-dragon from Big Bang?

14. This actor still has the same iconic smile. Can you guess who?

Not sure yet? These grins should help then.

Yes it’s Park Seo Joon

15. A triple threat this actor has been called on for years to sing, act, and host. Can you guess this perpetually busy actor?

this next photo kind of gives it away

it’s Lee SeungGi

16. This actor has released numerous albums in the past. Do you recognize him?

Perhaps you recognize Seo Inguk from shows like Shopping King Louie, King of High School, Hello Monster.

17. This actress has been in some blockbuster shows. Any guesses?

It’s Kim Go-Eun of Goblin and now The King Eternal Monarch

18. This actor has spent months in action school prior to some of his movies and dramas.

Not yet?

Does this one help?

of course,

It’s multi talented Ji ChangWook

19. This actor is looking younger in his more recent dramas than in some of his older ones. Any guesses?

There’s nothing grim about Lee Dong Wook’s pictures. He still has the same grin.

20. This actor has a loyal following in more than just his current drama.

It’s little Lee Minho

21. This actor immerses himself so much in the role it’s easy to forget that isn’t how he is.

Whether an autistic doctor, king or socially inept musician, Joo Won can convince you that is how he is In real life.

22. This one is a real challenge to get the whole group correct

Did you recognize some of the Super Junior members who shared pictures today?

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