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Eunkwang's Family Love: Singing with his Mom on "Immortal Song"

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Multi-talented Seo Eunkwang 서은광, leader of BTOB, is often playing the role of mood maker/ comedian so it’s easy to forget how musically talented he is. In the 2017 Thanksgiving episode of Immortal Song, Eunkwang fulfilled his mother’s dream of singing on stage with her son.

The panel and other contestants were very moved by their interplay and encouraging of each other.

Initially when she had said she had come to win the trophy Eunkwang was embarrassed but still supportive. After all the contestants they did in fact win.

For another show Eunkwang demonstrated his skill on the piano which he had practiced while on a live stream.

He loves to entertain in whatever way he can. Eunkwang usually has a huge grin while doing it and often some creative outfits as well like he sported for ISAC (the kpop group's Olympic Competition).

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