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DinDin’s Canadian Education

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Lim Cheol, 임철, rapper and television personality, is better known by his stage name DinDin 딘딘.

He broke in to show business through the program “Show Me the Money 2” and has since contributed many songs to the OSTs of dramas like Beautiful Gong Shim and Chief Kim (which his song Must Be the Money won best OST in 2017). He is also a popular participant and host on variety shows. Currently he is a regular on 2 Days and 1 Night, TMI News, and Not the Same Person You Used to Know V2.

On the June 27, 2019 episode of KBS’ Happy Together DinDin was talking about the unique education he received as the only international student at the multicultural Templeton Secondary School on the east side of Vancouver. He spent three years there before returning to Korea after graduation.

(Side note: Templeton has been used as a set for a number of productions and presently continues to act as one. Beachwood High and Smallville High murals still remain in the school's hallway. The hallway commonly known to the students as the "Smallville Hallway" is where most filming takes place for television and movies.)

DinDin is becoming well known to a wide audience outside of the hiphop world with his variety show performances and drama roles. The first episode of 2 Days 1 Night season 4 (2D1N), brought the new cast a competition for transportation. They could earn a better vehicle if they could earn enough money. Money could be earned by drinking from coffee cups some of which contained very salty fish sauce. If they chose a coffee they didn’t have to finish it but if fish sauce they had to drink the whole cup. So far no one had succeeded on any variety show broadcast but DinDin really wanted to do well and made his mind up to endure even if it hadn’t been done. This would be no easy task. People were impressed with how much he was willing to suffer for the team. Check out the clip below.

Audiences of 2D1N enjoy his role as one of the YB’s (young boys) along with VIXX’s Ravi and actor Kim Seon-ho which is on KBS and KBS world.

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