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Countless Moments with SHINee

It’s SHINee’s 12th anniversary today.

The group debuted May 25, 2008, on Inkigayo with the song Noona Neomu Yeppeo (aka Replay) (which means Older Girl You’re So Pretty).

At the time they ranged in age from maknae Taemin at only 14, to leader Onew at 18 years old. Minho (16), Key(16) and Jonghyun (17) in the middle.

A number of their songs have become iconic, like Ring Ding Dong, where many in Korea even know all the choreography.

Their song styles have changed as much as their hair through the last dozen years as they grew as performers and individuals.

And their stage outfits were often very colorful and sharp. They were wearing the patterned suits long before they became popular.

While there were some challenges with differing personalities, as these teens dealt with all the pressures of being an international K-Pop group, they now see each other as brothers and friends. This is why Jonghyun’s death was especially difficult on the remaining members. It was a difficult decision to comeback after this devastating loss but they wanted to honor him and continue what they had begun together. Their return performance titled Our Page showed their struggle to overcome but also their solidarity and resilience.

As a look back they released a 12th anniversary video

Today Taemin decorated a cake on Vlive for the 12th anniversary of his and SHINee’s debut. He is the only member not serving in the military at the moment.

All the members released handwritten letters on the fan account thanking people for standing by them.

Onew wrote: “12 years! Those of you who have stayed together with us for 12 years are so full of love! I’m so thankful and I love you.”

Taemin: “Although I’m the only one who’s promoting right now, we will reunite & promote together soon! You all might be living your own lives now, but I hope that you will always keep a spot open for SHINee. I always say this, but the more time passes the more I realize just how thankful I am for your love and trust! I love you, and thank you for gifting SHINee and me with a life where we can receive so much love.”

“This is Marine Corporal Choi Minho! Our precious 12th year. I want to stay tied together with you all through this miraculous string. I’m always so thankful. I miss you a lot and I love you. Also, your health is most important, so make sure it’s always your first and your second priority! I miss you so much! Congratulations for SHINee Day. Salute!”

Key’s note: , “I can’t believe we’ve already spent this much time together!I have no idea how often I’ve thought that I am so relieved and thankful that I ended up dancing and singing! I hope everyone stays healthy, and let’s look forward to the coming days! With love, Key.”

With countless hours on stage, in variety shows and dramas, hosting roles, and in a variety of other ways, SHINee members throughout the good and bad times have sought to give a favorable impression to anyone watching and especially Shawols (their fandom) .

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