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Here's a Hug for You

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Hugs are a wonderful way in which to demonstrate our love and affection for each other. But during this season of social distancing, giving and even receiving hugs may not be as easy as usual. However, that does not mean that hugs cannot be celebrated. On the contrary, it is a time in which to cherish even more everything that the hug symbolizes!

Due to the wide variety of human emotions and special occasions, there are many different kinds of hugs. Each week I will celebrate a different kind hug for different types of emotions or occasions with, of course, Kpop and Kdrama examples!

Here are K-drama examples of this week's hug.

If you haven't guessed, this week's hug is the comforting hug for sad occasions. This hug is there to provide love, comfort, and encouragement during those hard moments in which they are needed most!

Here is a comforting hug for you!

Comment down below you favorite type of hug and also what type of hug you would like to see featured in future articles!

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