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Comeback Kings! - OMEGA X

Updated: May 18, 2021

They say that debuting in a Kpop group is more difficult than winning the lottery... well then that makes the members of the newly-formed Omega X the ultimate winners.

Spire Entertainment has assembled Super Group Omega X, they are set to beat the odds and debut a second time this summer with members coming together from ENOi, Spectrum, 1The9, & Seven O'Clock, and more. For fans who have had to deal all too often with the sad reality of groups disbanding and their biases disappearing, this is exciting news.

Super Group, Omega X (오메가엑스), is set to debut this summer with 11 not so new members!

You will probably recognize:

Hangyeom formerly "A-Day" from Seven O'Clock. He has been impressing people with his talents for a long time and Spire Entertainment has recognized the valuable experience this young man brings to the group. Fans will also remember that Song Han Gyeom made the final group when he ranked 6th in the survival show MIXNINE. He was the first Omega X member to be revealed.

Jaehan formerly of Spectrum, who powered through an 18 hour straight live broadcast as part of Spectrum’s record-setting 56-hour Vlive broadcast (a feat many veteran broadcasters would never want to tackle) was the third Omega X member to be revealed. He said of joining, ”I’m excited about what’s to come, and I’m confident that I can show the fans a better version of myself."

Hwichan - Lee Hwi Chan, aka Raychan of Limitless, is happy to get the chance to be on stage again. It's said that Hwichan's not a fan of working out and would happily leave that for Hyuk, who excels at it.

Sebin, once the 'maknae' of Snuper (until military enlistments made the group take a break), is one of the older members of ΩX and says he's looking forward to connecting with fans and sharing his talents.

Taedong formerly of Gidongdae, was the fifth member to be revealed. The other ΩX members are happy he enjoys cleaning (perhaps ingrained from his time working in a cafe). Taedong is taking seriously this opportunity and wants to make the most of it. He said, “...I used to practice a lot, going overboard. Thankfully, the [other] members took care of me, helping me with things and reminding me not to overwork. Thanks to them, I prepared the best I could in a short time. It would have been rough without them.”

Fans of 1TEAM are happy to see

Xen (One of the two Jinwoos in Omega X) and

Jehyun being able to shine again. “We can do it“ is the motto of the three former members of the group ENOi. Kevin (“Little“ Jinwoo) has joined along with Junghoon (ENOi’s J-kid) and Hyuk (ENOi's maknae, Gun) who bring comedy, “cutieness” and competition to the group.

The maknae (youngest) of Omega X is Yechan who ranked fourth in the survival show Under 19 and became a member of 1The9.

As young as they are (the oldest, Jaehan, turns 26 on July 1st) these boys are industry veterans who have not only experienced the stress and euphoria of debuting but (many) have also appeared on competition reality shows such as Produce 101, The Unit, Under 19, MixNine and SuperStar K7 and know their way around the entertainment circuit.

Their YouTube Channel, OMEGA X, takes fans into unknown territory, with loads of behind-the-scenes look at the process of coming together as a group. Unlike many groups, ΩX members didn’t train together and have had many different experiences in the business. It is interesting to watch the process of assembling skilled performers into a brand new unit.

Through their channel, we get to see them grow together, from initial meetings and concept development to choosing stage names and team roles. The ka-i, ba-i, bo (rock, paper, scissors) method is often employed as an easy way to make decisions for any issues that arise. But to keep things fresh the guys have some new methods as well, check out what they did to see who got which room as they were settling into dorm life as a unit, at the shared house on Level 1, and then also welcome the remaining members to the house on level 3 of their program, Loading One More ChanX.

Loading One More ChanX, has been beneficial for fans and group members alike. Fans get to see their individual personalities and talents (like which members know how to cook) as the group discovers more about each other.

It’s exciting to see the members grow closer as they share these times together, discovering which weaknesses it will be fun to exploit in each other. We had to laugh along with them when fake cockroaches and spiders in their new rooms caused screams and laughter.

Sebin said it was a good way for the members to get close quickly, “I approached [my group] members first because a lot of them were shy. And then, when we were filming the reality show we all got really close. We got to know each other and bonded when practicing and sweating together. But when we returned home exhausted and started talking, that’s when we got really close.”

Despite the very long days of intensive training with very little sleep it is really nice to see how they want to make good memories with this unexpected second chance they have been given. Members, who don’t have many fun childhood memories due to the hectic life as a trainees, want to ensure that they, and especially maknae Yechan, can have fun this time around. You can read more about their reality show in the article on Forbes

Aren't we all wondering what can we expect from their debut mini-album?

As each member brings their own stage experience to Omega X, we can expect powerful vocals and choreography to accompany the promised 4 tracks. We can already tell that they will be bringing us top-quality artistry from the teasers we've seen on their channel. The members are also expanding their skills (like Yechan, who has picked up rapping and composing since joining Omega X) and it will be exciting to see their updated performance skills.

With only a few weeks left to wait there is no shortage of opportunities to get to know them already, as they prepare for this highly anticipated debut. Follow and keep up to date on their activities through their official channels listed below.

OMEGA X Official Accounts:

Official Website: spireenter

Company Twitter: SPIRE_ENT

Official Twitter: OmegaX_official

Members Twitter: OMEGA X

Facebook: Omegax.spire

Instagram: OMEGA X

YouTube: OMEGA X

Fancafe: OMEGA X


The members also have individual Instagram accounts and update the member Twitter with more fun content.

Omega X ... 화이팅! O.X Win

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