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Cheery “Cherry” Covers - Sakuranbo is popular this spring

The Japanese song “Sakuranbo (Cherry)” has seen a resurgence in popularity this spring in Korea thanks to Tiktok. It originally released ten years ago by Japanese singer-songwriter Ai Otsuka, and stayed at the top of the Orion Charts for 103 weeks.

This is the original music video by the nursery school teacher who had been had been hoping to be a performer since taking up piano at the age of four. (Otsuka has a new cover of her song on her YouTube channel but the original remains popular)

Stray Kids members took on the dance challenge for their Japanese fans.

Woong of AB6IX released a whole peppy cover while in cherry covered pjs.

XIA avoided cherry themed clothing in his studio cover (but did wear a cherry on his head for his stage performance)

These artists are all late to the game as actress Park Shin Hae covered the song eight years ago at her Japanese fan meet. It’s not easy to sing on stage when that’s not your profession and especially in a different language but she made a memorable time for her fans with her Sakuranbo cover (well before the trend).

Instrumental covers are also popular for this fun tune with members Hyunjun and JunYoung of IZ doing a guitar duet

While the ladies of 2Color went with flute and violin

Sungha Jung an acoustic fingerstyle guitarist uploaded his cover as well giving this song a different feel.

There are and will be more covers I’m sure as this song finds new listeners this spring.

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