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EXO Chanyeol’s Water Bottle Challenge

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

As with most Korean variety shows you have to win your food. In this clip from episode 21of EXO’s Ladder Season 2, the EXO members are at a seafood restaurant facing off for variously priced meals.

After rock, paper, scissors and the ladder game, D.O. comes out the top winner so passes a challenge onto last place finishers Sehun, Baekhyun, and Chanyeol - make me laugh and I will share my table full of food with with you.

Maknae Sehun is desperate, so hatches a plan to look like he is leaving. However no one pays much attention and while he is away Baehyun uses aegyo to get a laugh. A confused Sehun comes back in time to see Chanyeol step up the game, “I will one shot this 500ml water bottle faster than anybody”.

He downed it in 3 seconds. Everyone is shocked at his talent.

There was a complication to this though that Chanyeol had not counted on. Check it out below.

Of course he needs to do it more often now

But he may want to open his own bottles instead of letting BaeHyun

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