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Kpop Championship Chefs!?

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

K-pop group members can sing and dance but can they cook?

To show a different side members of EXO, Twice, A.O.A, EXID, Vixx, BTOB, Ze:A, NCT, VAV, and many other groups, competed against each other in the battle of King of Idol Cooking 2016. The elimination round challenge was to cook either poached egg or egg garnish to present to the judge. With more than 200 hundred contestants it was going to provide many memorable moments.

Today’s “flash back Friday“ clip features members of Twice, A.O.A and Exid taking on the egg challenge. Twice’s Dahyun and Sana seemed to enjoy the opportunity to cook as you can see from the clip. So what about the other groups. Check out the full competition on Kocowa or Viki.

Here’s a few bonus clips

The members of VIXX have varying degrees of success though tell Ravi to just promote their album instead

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