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Can I Say That On TV? Hilarious clips with Baek Hyun and Kai of EXO

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Our clip today is from EXO’s visit to the show Knowing Brothers.

They were testing the guys’ communication skills by having them guess what the other was saying. Doesn’t sound too hard right? But if you are not able to hear each other and the words sounds very similar it provides for some funny moments.

In our clip Baek Hyun and Kai (who are also part of Super M together) are working on the word “hand warmer”. Baekhyun gives the clue “you use it under your padding” (padding is the Korean for winter coat/padded jacket). Kai hears “it’s under your panty” (Korean for underwear both male or female). The rest can hardly contain their laughter when Kai wonders if you can even say that on air.

For more of the game check out the full clip here! More K*Boom Online Blogs:

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