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Beyond the Blankets with Kang Daniel

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

After a night of binge watching many can probably relate with Kang Daniel in this clip from Dangerous Beyond the Blankets the first series.

Kang Daniel was very busy as the center of Wanna One at the time of the show. He became very popular on Beyond the Blankets for his positive outlook as well as many unique habits (jellies and more jellies, nose cleaning) and unusual food choices (like pepper noodles and raw bacon). Check out more of his creative cooking and fun on Beyond the Blankets.

Interestingly in Korea they have united two of Daniel’s favorites and now make gummies that look like raw bacon/pork belly.

After a challenging couple years in a fight for his own career as a solo singer Kang Daniel now has his own agency and just released a new mini album On July 27, 2020

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