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Are you a true Kpop fan?

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

The Kpop members names are sometimes tricky to remember especially for the larger groups but true fans take the time to know the members. If you have a bias you usually can pick them out of the group long before you learn all the members names. Which is especially difficult with the larger groups.

Was it N, L, Q or The8 who is in Infinite?

Is it Song Mino or Choi Minho who is in SHINee?

Moonbin is a real name but Cha EunWoo is a stage name?

Test your knowledge of Kpop boy group members with our quiz.

How did you do? Were you surprised by your score?

Do you know mainly know Kpop stars from dramas or are you a multi-stan following numerous groups on sns and Vlive? Tell us in the comments!

More K*Boom Online about Fans:

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