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Annyeonghaseyo 안녕하세요

Updated: May 20, 2020

Hello, our word of the week is annyeonghaseyo (안녕하세요).

Annyeonghaseyo 안녕하세요 is the most common way to say hello In person. There are other less formal ways but we will save that for another time. Also it’s good to note that on the phone you would say Yeoboseyo (여보세) instead. So, do you want to know how to pronounce 안녕하세요? check out the clip.

Now you’re set right?

To introduce yourself you would say

Hello, I’m _________________

or in Korean - Annyeonghaseyo 안녕하세요____________ ibnida (imnida)입니다 which sounds like: ah nyah say yo _______________ eem nee da

For example: Annyeonghaseyo 안녕하세요 K*Boom-ibnida 입니다.

Kpop the groups often add their own flair to introductions with gestures, harmonies (Mamamoo is great), requests and even pep talks. H.O.T began this greetings trend with a 90° bow and request to be looked after. Super Junior and Shinwan added in hand gestures and now each group adds their own flair.

For more practice with 안녕하세요 check out the Kpop groups below.

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