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Aivan Brings a Warm Spring Sound

Aivan (Ivan), whose birth name is Lee Yohan, conveys the feeling of a warm breeze on a cool day with his song Spring Spell. Aivan is a singer songwriter under Evermore Music, the same label as Voisper, whose members he sees basically everyday. He was born December 17th and has Vlive Radio show called FM121.7 which is easier manage and correct

He is fluent in Korean, English and almost fluent in French, after completing his schooling in Montreal. He is familiar with much of Canada having lived here most of his life (with time out in England and the Philippines). He now lives in Korea and recently got a new studio he was happy to show to fans. This allows him to continue to write music in the early hours of the morning.

He told us recently, “I like Canada. My teachers in Montreal were really nice. I have friends in Calgary and Edmonton and I really like Banff. My parents now live near Vancouver. I do miss Tim Hortons but not the snow and cold.“ (Which may be why he felt inspired to write Spring Spell)

Recently he has been doing a series called “Aivan Cover Airline” on Vlive (Evermore Music) and YouTube (Evermore Music and AIVAN official) where he has been singing in languages rarely used by Kpop groups. This series include songs in Turkish, Thai, Vietnamese, Polish, Filipino and more.

He is very personable and enjoys meeting fans and supporters on his Instagram @aivan_yl even taking notes and studying up phrases in other languages so he can interact more personally. He seems to have a different sleep schedule which pleases his international fans but not so much his dog.

Check out his other songs and covers overs on his youtube

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