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55 Hour Live-stream with Spectrum

Updated: May 20, 2020

Spectrum 스펙트럼 began doing a “45 hour (and if we can’t at least 24+3 hour from before we started counting)“ Vlive challenge On April 23, 2020.

Minjae, Dongkyu, Jaehan, Hwarang, Villian and Eunjun have been live-streaming since the April 23rd with a variety of content. They had a nearly 3 hour preview live before beginning their 45 hour challenge and have treated fans to a wide variety of content.

This group debuted May 10, 2018 but dealt with tragedy when Dongyoon suddenly passed away in July. With little promotion by their agency they are often thought of as rookies but do try to get found through a lot of self promotion on SNS. They recently had a comeback with their album 0325 Showtime at the end of February but without studio audiences, so they have been interacting with fans on Vlive with all sorts of content for their fandom LANTANA.

Jaehan and Villian took the first shift which lasted 18 hours.

Dongkyu and Minjae had the night shift and were staying awake playing Jenga and Kart Rider, singing, drawing without looking competition, playing a guessing game with viewers... By the end of their shift they had been ”on air” for 22 hours with only brief breaks.

Jaehan dropped off some snacks so that helped keep them going.

The third shift with Hwarang and Eunjun began at noon and went for 14 hours before the rest joined them for some final hours of togetherness.

스펙트럼 Spectrum 화이팅!

Instagram: spectrum0510_wynn

Twitter: @spectrum_0510

Facebook: kpopwynn

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