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어떻게 Ottoke What do I do?

어떻게 (eotteohke) read oh-toe-kay means “How?“ “What?“ or “What to do?“ “Oh my!

If more stressed out or overwhelmed they may say 어떻하지 (eotteokaji) which is a more searching, “What should I do?” “What do I do?“ 어떻게 생각해 (ottoke senggakhae) is What do you think?

Songs with some form of ottoke question with ‘what’ or ‘how‘ in the chorus are very common.

If you watch variety shows you will know the Ottoke action song that was initiated by Hyojung from Oh My Girl for the new year of 2020. The lyrics are basically:

Hana dul set! 1,2,3!

Niga neomu joha I like you so much,

ottoke ottoke~ what do I do, what do I do

niga neomu yeppeo I find you so pretty

ottoke ottoke what do I do, what do I do

narang manna bollae Would you go out with me? /We should go out (date)

eotteohke saenggakhae? What do you think about that?

janmal malgo malhae Don’t say anything silly, just tell me

jeohdago jeohdago~ that you like me, you like me.

Now on Weekly Idol guests are usually called upon to show aegyo with the Ottoke song each with different cringe levels. Check out some of the agyeo performances below.

Try getting that out your head if you watched all of them at once.

Who’s version of Ottoke was the most cringe worthy?

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