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Weekly Korean Word: 아 진짜요 - "Really"

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Like with English there are numerous ways to say “really“ in Korean. Most commonly it’s 정말 jeong mal (jchong mal) or 진짜 jinjja (jchinJCHa).

In 정말 (jeong mal) 정 jeong is (rightness/truth) and 말 mal (speech/story) so 정말 is "real story" or “really” as in “it’s true”. The antonym would be 거짓말 (lie)

With 진짜 (jinjja) - 진 means genuine, 짜 is thing so it’s “really” as in “real article”. The antonym is 가짜(fake).

진짜 사랑 It’s real love

아 진싸요 Oh really

There is also a ramyeon brand which uses 진짜 진짜 as it’s name to state they are “the real thing”.

Of lesser use in spoken language (you may see it in titles of shows) is 진정 jinjeong which is “really” in terms of true feeling, so "sincerity and truth". The antonym is 건성 (absent-minded). This isn’t used often as it seems awkward.

However all three words can be used as meaning of "really". There is no difference between 정말, 진짜 and 진정 in the meaning.

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