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감사합니다 kamsahabnida

Updated: May 20, 2020

Thank you, 감사합니다 (kahm-sahm-needa), is our word of the week and the most common way to say thank you as it is the most polite.

As you can see the tricky thing, even for Koreans, is trying to read the English letter equivalent (romanization), of the Hangul (Korean writing). Though some of the letters don’t really have the same sound in English, the bigger issue is that so many Korean words have silent letters or even silent syllables. Another common way to say thank you, that is still polite, but slighty less formal is 고맙습니다/ gomapsoobnida (gomahpsoo-meedah) .

The third way, 고마워/gomawo (gomahwah) is like our “thanks”

It is used when you are talking to your friends or thanking someone younger than you (like an adult to a child).

Like in English there are other ways of saying ”thanks” so here’s a few more.

고마워 너무/ gomawo neomu (gomahwah nohmoo)- thanks a lot. 항상 고마워 / hangsang gomawo - Thank you always.

고맙다- thanks

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